Amazing Beaches Around the World

Amazing Beaches Around the World

Beaches are like magnets for the fantastically endowed. Find an attractive beach and you’ll find attractive people. We’ll go even further. Beaches don’t just attract the most beautiful people in the world, they give birth to them. The beach spreads its white-sanded loins and centerfolds drop from the glossy azure skies above. As the summer season rapidly approaches, we can’t think of any place we’d rather spend our time. Surfing, snorkeling, just soaking up some rays – the list of activities goes on and on. But, not every beach is created equal. We’ve scoured the web, looking far and wide across the globe to round up the 33 best beaches on Earth. The sunny weather can’t come fast enough.


With 360 days of sun, even Noah’s chances of dry weather are good. If it does rain, the Herod Hotel is across the street. And if that doesn’t appeal, you can always grab a bite to eat at Methuselah’s Cheesecake. We’re kidding, it doesn’t exist. We just wish it did.


It’s the world’s largest sand island and also a registered highway with a speed limit of 80 miles an hour. It’s also home to 230 species of bird and 25 species of mammal, including the dingo.


Half-hour west of Auckland lies the rugged coastline and black sands of Muriwai beach, and a surf that pounds like a river. Actually it’s probably more like the Pacific Ocean than a river. Spend the day here and forage for Green Lip Mussels. Then check out New Zealand’s biggest onshore colony of gannets.


As you might have picked up on, the sand at Black Sand Beach is, um…, black. This is the result of exploding lava from the volcanoes of Kilauea and Mauna Loa, which cools as it reaches the ocean. Try not to be on the beach when this is happening. Kilauea is one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Endangered Hawksbill and Green turtles are often found basking on the ebony sand here. Given the location, should we be surprised they’re endangered?


Whereas most of us are happy with a white or yellow sand beach, California had to go out and get a purple one. Where are we going next with this, polka dot? It’s manganese garnet, by the way, washing down from the hills, that has turned this strip of California beach purple. And it had to be California, didn’t it. Just one time, couldn’t it be Kansas with the funny colored beach?