Summer Camping Games for Kids and Adults

Summer Camping Games for Kids and Adults

Nothing beats a week-long camping trip in the wilderness when it comes to taking a break from the city hustle and reenergizing yourself. Beautiful scenes, fresh air, and quality time with your loved ones fill your soul with joy.

Along with fishing, cooking &  photography, Camping games are an essential part of camping activities to keep the fun alive throughout the trip. Also, it’s a great way to get creative and  increase family bonding. 

Kids vs Adults

There are plenty of games and activities that adults can opt for and enjoy their time. The hard part is when it comes to engaging your kids in different games and activities at the campsite. 

Time has changed and so do the means of entertainment for kids. They rely on 24/7 WiFi connectivity to keep them entertained. Here’s when it becomes a little tricky to develop your kids' interest in camping activities so that they don’t miss WiFi. 

 How to Develop Your kids’ Interest in Camping Games?

Kids will only show interest if the activities and games you’re planning for them are more entertaining than the games in their tablets. Keep in mind the nature of your kids and think of the possible activities at the campsite that they’d be interested in. 

Think back of your time when you used to go camping with your parents. Introduce those analog camping games and activities you used to have back then. Lawn games, treasure search, scavenger hunts, orienteering activities in the daytime and board games, storytelling, and charades next to the campfire, when it gets dark.
You’re probably thinking no way your tech savvy kids would be interested in those analog games. Believe me, kids are interested in everything that they find new and exciting. 

Camping Games for Special Kids

Special kids always need special care. If you’ve a special child, you need to plan your activities in a way that the special child can participate as conveniently as his or her peers. Choose a physical environment that allows all kids in your group to equally participate. 

If your special child is good at something, do include that in the activities list. For example , board games, solving riddles, logical reasoning games, etc. It’ll boost your child’s confidence and prepare them to compete with other kids. 

So, What kind of Games You Should Choose?

Now let’s talk about the kind of games and activities you should plan for your camping trip. First of all, it depends on what you and kids like the most. If you’re more into physical games & sports then including most of the art & craft games in your to-do list will not make any sense. 

ALSO, don’t forget to add some diversity. Having just one type of activities will make you tired and bored shortly and also your kids will lose interest in camping. Choose from physical games , survival skills, logic, board games, arts & crafts. 

We went through a long list of camping games and activities and came up with the following list:

i) Scavenger Hunt

A classic game that has been around for generations. Good thing about this one is it’s adaptable for all ages. Play at your campsite and hunt for flowers, leaves, bugs, etc. 

ii) Capture the Flag

A fun game that involves speed, stamina and the brain to win. Very simple to play; just get divided into two teams and divide the territory. Each team is supposed to hide their flag in the territory and the other team has to find it. Whichever team finds the flag and brings it back to their territory, it wins. 

Also, any player in the enemy’s territory can be tagged and put in the jail. His teammates have to come and tag him in order to rescue him.

iii) Pass the Pigs

Want to play a game that is simple, doesn’t require much effort, and can be played anywhere anytime? Pass the Pig is the answer. It consists of two small pig shaped dice, a pencil, and a scoreboard. A player rolls the dice and gets the score based on the position of pigs when they hit the ground. A simple game that can keep you and your kids engaged for hours. 

iv) Cards

It’s always nice to carry a deck of waterproof cards in your backpack because you don’t know when you will feel like playing a card game. This will not leave you stuck for something to do. 

v) Swing Ball

Another great camping game that works for all ages. It’s about hitting the ball on the string back and reaching the top or bottom of the spiral. Ball can be easily transported in your family car.  

vi) Make Friendship Bracelets

If you’re more into arts & crafts, breaking out embroidery strings and creating friendship bracelets is a nice idea. You can buy some for your friends and family and have a memento of this memorable trip.

vii) Charades

Charade is about writing clues on a piece of paper, acting them out and making your teammates guess what it is, without saying a word. It’s a fun activity and boosts your child’s cognitive skills. 

viii) Water Balloons Game

There’s no fun in summer camping without a water balloon game.  The balloon battle cheers everyone up especially when it’s hot out there. Don’t forget to carry enough balloons; who knows other campers might also want to join the fun.

ix) Geocaching 

Looking for an activity for your tech savvy kids? Geocaching is the answer! 

It’s about finding coordinates using a GPS enabled device and tracking the movement of GPS trackable items. 

x) Map Maze

This is a great activity if you want to teach your kids how to read a map. You just have to grab some stuff from a dollar store, hide it near to your campsite, mark the location on the map, and challenge your kids to locate it. It’s a fun way of learning a very useful skill that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. 


Camping is all about taking a break from the daily routine and spending some quality time with the loved ones in the lap of nature. It involves many interesting activities, such as cooking, fishing, hiking, playing games, etc. Games of sports, being the integral part of a camping trip, require thoughtful planning as per the taste and interest of both kids and adults alike. You don’t want to make your kids feel that this campus trip was a boring idea. Plan for a diverse set of games and activities  that can make your camping trip memorable.