Is Solo Camping a Good Idea?

Is Solo Camping a Good Idea?

Camping alone can seem like a daunting task to many.

Even some of the more experienced adventurers prefer to spend their time in the wilderness with at least one other companion to share the experience with.

However, much like traveling alone, venturing out on a trip into nature by yourself comes with a huge amount of benefits when done right.

While this may seem like an idyllic notion, being by yourself outdoors brings a whole bunch of challenges and things to consider.

Of course, don't let this put you off!

As you're probably well aware, experiencing challenges out of your comfort zone can often create the best memories and lead to personal growth.

So should you start packing your bags for a solo trip?

Read through and decide for yourself. 

Work at your own schedule

When you're camping with a group of friends or family, you're usually going to be following a schedule or an itinerary that you have all collectively planned and doing these activities together.

While this is fantastic and a memorable aspect of camping, when you're on your own you don't adhere to anybody else's schedule but yours.

What does this entail?

For one, you can wake up and go to bed anytime that you want.

Want to go hiking on that trail but would rather go swim in the nearby stream first, relax in the sun, and then put on your hiking boots?

No one can tell you otherwise. It's entirely up to you.

Ever been with a group of people camping and you are doing some activities together but you wish that the schedule could have been a bit different but still wanted to participate?

Well when you're by yourself, that's not even remotely an issue.

Because the reality is that everybody travels at a different pace. You have some campers that want to go out and do as much as possible, some people that want a balance of the two, and others that just want to chill at the campsite.

So if you're somebody that values being able to do things at your own pace, whether you like days stacked with activities and experiences or just want to chill, solo camping may just be perfect for you.

Learn Camping on a Deeper Level

It's commonly said that if you're surrounded by good people while you're camping, it's generally much easier than going it alone.

This is because you have people to support you if things go awry and you can collaborate and bounce ideas off each other. Shared experiences and communications between a group can make a big difference.

When you're by yourself, you don't have any of this. You're entirely reliant on your own judgment and experience.

It's the ultimate way to challenge yourself and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Building a fire, mapping out a hiking path, packing the right equipment, and setting up your campsite.

There are not many better ways to boost your skills and give you some valuable experience than having to do it all by yourself. If anything, with nobody around to remind you to bring that extra piece of string or extra bit of tinder, you might make some mistakes.

But if anything, while there's less margin for error, the mistakes you make will be essential to making you a more experienced, intelligent camper.

Man with backpack next to mountain

Appreciate Nature More

Going out into nature and spending some time there has an enormous amount of advantages.

There have been endless studies on the effects of extended periods of time in nature (away from the hustle and bustle of daily life) for mental health.

For example, if you go on a holiday to Mexico with a big group of people, it may be harder to meet other people and make connections as you're with a big group, so the social interactions may be a lot more insular.

It's no different with going out camping with a big group. With your crew, you're more often than not distracted by activities together, such as building fires and campsites, going on hikes, and chatting around the campfire. This may give you little time to really appreciate the surroundings.

Take all this away and what's left?

It's just you and nature.

This will give you a ton of time for self-reflection and meditation, something that can often be hard to find time for if you're living a busy lifestyle or within a city.

When you're just by yourself with nothing else but the surrounding flora and fauna, the sights, the sounds, and the smells, it can be extremely peaceful and cathartic as an experience.

Blend in with nature and enjoy the ride.

Build Confidence

There's nothing like doing things that are out of your comfort zone to build your confidence.

If you're someone who has never camped by themself but has considered doing it, successfully carrying out a camping trip solo may very well build your confidence in your camping abilities.

You didn't know you could do it before, and now you've done it. What's better than that?

This confidence you will gain from learning new things, pushing yourself, and having a weekend away on your own will most likely also award you the confidence that will spill into other areas of your life.

Additionally, you'll prove to be a very competent and treasured part of any camping group you find yourself a part of in the future.

There's nothing more assuring than going camping with someone who knows how to do things solo and do it well.

Yellow and black camping tent at night

Just Remember…

While camping alone does encompass a whole load of great benefits, there are also some risks and dangers involved with going on a solo camping trip.

Even if you're a highly experienced camper and navigating the outdoors is as simple as getting a drink from the fridge, the first time camping alone can be a nerve-racking experience. Laying down alone in your tent on the first night can send a monsoon of questions through your head.

One of the best things you can do to quell the nerves and potentialities running through your head is to prepare for them. To start, you should assemble a list of items you're going to be bringing with you on your trip (and remember to bring them!)

You don't want to forget important items such as medical supplies and find yourself in a situation where you've fallen ill or injured yourself without the proper resources at your disposal.

If you want a comprehensive list of items to bring for a solo trip, here is a great one.

Camp Solo!

At the end of the day, camping solo can be a very rewarding experience with a myriad of personal benefits for health, development, and growth.

Of course, solo camping is not for everyone. Some people value the company of others in environments that are outside what is familiar.

However, as with anything, do some research, try it yourself and see how you go.

It very well may be the best thing you've ever done.